Evelyn Sadovsky, International Couture Designer

From the very beginning of my life, I wanted to stand out and be different. Texture and color were my inspiration!  Using both to create extraordinary couture pieces that make a woman feel unique and special fulfills my soul. 


Born and raised in the former Soviet Union, my family was a diverse group with varying artistic talents. My father, a pilot by trade, is also a painter, my mother was a gifted pianist, and my grandmother was an amazing tailor who shared her love of textiles, colors, and precision with me. I learned early that self-expression was an essential key to truly being happy with my life. I searched for ways to express myself for my own happiness while creating something beautiful for others.


Inspired by European artists and designers, I was first smitten by enameled jewelry.  Never had I experienced such a dynamic and truly effervescent type of jewelry that captured the colors and the very spirit of life. Perfecting that craft led me to my exploration of texture and learning to manipulate precious metals to expand my artistry and wax modeling techniques. Today, I create my own models for casting.  The beauty of nature is interpreted in my experimentations of various methods and mediums.


By combining high-quality textured metals and natural stones, I create contemporary yet timeless designs. Each piece is designed to make a woman feel elegant and stunning while allowing her to express her individuality. My designs are not just about the look; it’s about how a woman feels when she wears it. If she feels elegant, sexy, chic, and stylish, I’ve accomplished my goal! 

 My clientele includes women in leadership around the world from ambassadors to actresses (even showcased in a few television series).